Saturday, August 12, 2006

Minneapolis Rock Band Scarlet Haze

I first saw the Minneapolis Rock Band Scarlet Haze at the Sturgis Bike rally in South Dakota 2006. Scarlet Haze was playing the Full Throttle Saloon and totally blew me and my musician friend away. We saw them three more times while in Sturgis. I got lucky and saw Scarlet Haze again at The Pondy in Zimmerman after I returned from Sturgis. This Minneapolis Rock Band is top notch and is not to be missed. They have a great album called Out of the Dark and a new album on the way. The cover songs Scarlet Haze plays are awesome and popular with the audience. The best part is the guitar licks laid down by Luke and the vocals during the Heart tunes Barracuda and Magic Man. I would strongly recommend checking out the tour schedule of Scarlet Haze and seeing a show. You won't be disappointed.